Autumn Colours at Blarghour

I thought this might be a good way to record the lovely colours as they develop over the next few weeks.

… so, we’ll start with Sunday evening’s sunset (24th Sept) looking over Loch Awe from Blarghour

Natures Bounty – Chanterelles and Hedgehog mushrooms (28th Sept) have been in abundance this year

Rainy day over Loch Awe (1st Oct 2017)

The Falls on Allt Beochlich after a wet and windy night

A large stag holding a group of hinds on An Sidhean, but looks like he has had a few battles during the rut.

Autumn colours developing on the other side of Loch Awe (18th Oct 2017)

Autumn Mist over Loch Awe at Blarghour (29th October)

Autumn Mist over Loch Awe at Blarghour

The autumn colours at their best in Barr-beithe Wood taken from the old road (1st Nov 2017)

Autumn Colour by Loch Awe