Website Credits

HotScot Web Designers

I would like to thank HotScot for their patience and skill in putting this website together and  Suzanne for her support and understanding.

Photographs and Videos

Our holiday guests have been very kind in sharing their great photos with us and many of them form the foundation of the website you see today.


In particular I would like to thank:

Richard and Delys Marks – from squirrels, dippers, barn owls to shots of Glen Coe and Crinan Canal, thank you.  I know how much time and planning went into getting some of the shots.

Alan McLean (Albiphotography)

On his holidays at Barr-beithe Lower Alan has captured life in the fields, scenery and amazing photos and videos of the Northern Lights and the night sky.

Richard Ayriss

The quality and composition of Richard’s photography impressed me immediately from the moon rising over the hill to a simple roe deer in a field.

Stuart Ferguson

One simple sunset from Barr-beithe Upper, but over many years it has not been bettered.

Alex Dargie

A lovely atmospheric photo of Kilchurn Castle taken from his boat on Loch Awe.

Martin O’Keeffe

Videos from his wildlife camera of red squirrels and interesting, behind the scenes, activity of Pine Marten kits at the squirrel feeder – amazing.